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NCAA Contact, Evaluation, Quiet, and Dead Periods

Updated: May 7, 2020

There are different periods of time throughout the year that the NCAA deems “contact periods”, “evaluation periods”, “quiet periods”, or “dead periods”. Here’s a look at what these terms mean and when they are.

· Contact Periods- Coaches may have face-to-face conversations with athletes or their parents, watch the athlete play, visit their high school, and contact the athlete or their parents.


----Aug. 1 – Aug. 26, 2018

----Sept. 14 – Nov. 11, 2018

----March 1 – July 31, 2019

· Evaluation Periods- This is the same as a contact period except the coach may not have any face-to-face interaction with either the athlete or their parents

· Quiet Periods-Coaches can email or call the athletes or their parents but they cannot meet face-to-face off campus or watch them compete.The athlete and parents may visit the campus and meet with the coaches.


----Aug. 27 - Sept. 13, 2018

----Nov. 16 – Feb. 28, 2019; except for the Jan. 3–6, 2019 dead period

· Dead Periods- Coaches can email or call the athletes or their parents but cannot meet on or off campus or watch them play.


----Nov. 12 - Nov. 15, 2018

----Jan. 3 – Jan. 6, 2019


----Nov. 12, 2018 (7 a.m.) – Nov. 14, 2018 (7 a.m.)

----July 30, 2019 (7 a.m.) – Aug. 1, 2019 (7 a.m.)


--D3 has open contact throughout the year

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