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Weightlifting-You can never be too strong

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

What you will realize by moving up through higher levels of baseball is that at every level, the players get bigger, faster, and stronger. Even if you have the chance to get drafted, guys get bigger and stronger each level you move up. Most freshmen get to college and realize how far behind they are in their development compared to their older teammates. This is understandable considering they are 3-5 years older and have more mature and developed bodies, but if you want to impact your college team right away you have to be ready physically for what the next level brings.

A huge mistake I made, that I see other people doing all the time, is signing up for speed classes if you do not have a substantial strength base. The best analogy I have ever heard for this is that taking speed classes when you are not strong to begin with is like putting the nicest V4 engine possible in your car. Why not take the time to build up a V8 engine, and then you can start to clean it up with speed training. I can promise you that in college and pro ball, there are a lot more V8 engines than there are V4's or V6's. You can work on your speed while lifting, but without lifting you will only become so fast. Lifting heavy weight will translate more than anything to power, speed, and arm strength on the field.

You cannot start too early. If you are young and want to get stronger, there are safe ways to do this. Make sure you do your research and find a credible and experienced weightlifting facility in your area that understands the movements that baseball demands (your typical high school football or baseball coach will most likely not know enough to help you reach your full potential). You need to make sure that you start small and build up your strength and flexibility the correct way from the beginning so that you stay healthy. Don't just get in the weight room and jump under a squat bar. If you have never lifted before, a good coach will identify your weaknesses and spend several months or even several years (depending on the athlete's age and starting point) building your strength and stability before you start with the more advanced movements you will do in college. This is why you need to start early as they will not take this time to develop your weaknesses in college. The sad reality is that they will throw you into the fire and you will most likely get hurt. If you need help finding a reputable lifting facility in your area, email me your questions and where you live and I can help with the research in order to make sure you are getting the best training possible. If you want to be the best baseball player you can be, you must start lifting as early as possible because the stronger you are the easier the game will be for you. No matter how old or experienced you are, you can never be too strong.