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These are the official “Site Guidelines” for The site is owned, operated by Chris Clayton Sports LLC. (“Chris Clayton Sports LLC," "we," "us," or "our") and these site guidelines are a part of our Terms of Use Agreement.

The Insiders Guide to Collegiate Recruiting Blog Posts and Videos

The Insider's Guide to Collegiate Recruiting is an informative site aimed at helping athletes and their families navigate the college recruiting process. Posts made, whether blog posts or videos, are the opinions of the company and should be treated as opinions and we cannot be held liable for any decisions made based on those opinions. The users of this site and those who choose to have a consultation agree that all information discussed is aimed to help them but in no way does it guarantee any type of success through the college recruiting process. Chris Clayton Sports LLC cannot be held liable for any decisions made by users of this site or those who receive consultations based on the information read or discussed. 


The Coaches Review Site

The Coaches Review website ( provides user generated feedback on college baseball coaches’ styles and leadership methods as well as feedback on the lifestyle and facilities of colleges and universities.


The Coaches Review is NOT THE PLACE to report dangerous, illegal or illicit behaviors. If you believe that you, another player, or coach is in danger, we strongly advise you to report such incidences directly to your campus authorities or local law enforcement. 


Coaches ratings should only be posted by users who have played for that coach or are currently playing for that coach at the university or college that they are reviewing. For each coach, users are limited to posting one review with one comment per coach and university. This user must create an account with a .edu email address. Campus reviews are limited to students who have attended or are currently attending the specific college or university being rated.


The Coaches Review
The Coaches Review administrators read every rating submitted. We have defined site guidelines to explain what we allow and do not allow to be posted on this Site and to make sure our decisions regarding which posts are allowed are consistent. We will remove any comment that violates these guidelines.


If you feel an inappropriate comment should be removed from the site you may report a comment for review and it will immediately be sent to our administrators. We will determine whether to remove the rating or repost it to the website. We will never remove a rating solely because it is a low score or negative review.

Athlete Guidelines:

·      Please write truthful reviews. We want athletes to be able to trust these reviews when evaluating their options so we ask that to contribute with that in mind.

·      Reviews should focus specifically on the school, coach, or playing experience. Do not comment on a coach’s appearance, age, or race.

·      When you are reviewing a coach or school, It can be useful to discuss both good and bad experiences. This leads to much more helpful feedback for other athletes.

·      Please only share your personal individual experiences. Don’t speak on behalf of another, instead encourage others to submit their own reviews.

·      We understand that not all coaches mesh with each player. Tell us how the coach wasn’t the best for you in a way that helps others make their own decision. Malicious comments will be removed.

·      This is not a forum for debating or arguing. Reviews that discuss another review will be removed. If you disagree with another user’s experience, please share your own experience.

·      Reviews written with malicious intent do not reflect well on the user and will be removed. The purpose of these reviews are to help other athletes make a more educated decision. That should be the only purpose on your review.

·      The Coaches Review reserves the right to remove ratings that do not contain substantive comments.

·      We only allow an athlete to review a coach and university one time. If it is found that the same athlete is using multiple accounts to write reviews, the reviews will be taken down and the account will be locked.

·      When reading other reviews, we encourage you to try and understand the context of each review. We cannot verify the validity of any of the reviews posted to the site. Online reviews should be only be one of the many resources used when making you athletic or academic decisions.

Prohibited Content:

Comments that contain the following will be removed:

·      Claims that a coach shows bias for or against an athlete or group of athletes;

·      Profanity, name-calling, vulgar language, remarks regarding religion, ethnicity or race, physical appearance, mental and/or physical disabilities;

·      Any information about a coach or athlete that would allow someone to contact the coach/student;

·      Accusations that the coach is rating himself or his colleagues;

·      Claims that a coach is a part of or has been a part of illegal activities;

·      Any reference to other comments or comments that have been deleted;

·      Claims about a coach’s job status or previous career details;

·      References to a coaches or student’s family, or personal life;

·      Comments must be written in English;

·      No hyperlinks and / or URLs will be allowed as part of reviews

Coach Guidelines:

·      Every review on this site is completely anonymous. We do not provide any information about anyone who writes a review.

·      The Coaches Review is unable to prove or disprove any details mentioned in a review. We allow student-athletes to share their experiences, but we cannot prove the degree of truth with which each review is written.

·      We will not remove a comment simply because it is negative. It will only be removed if it does not comply with our site guidelines.

·      The Coaches Review does not personally add any coach or campus to our website, every profile was submitted by our student-athlete community. 

·      We recommend that coaches encourage their athletes to provide ratings. The more reviews you have, the more representative they will be and the more feedback coaches will get.


Reporting a Review

If you see a rating that you believe violates our guidelines, please click the "report this rating" button at the bottom of the page. These reported comments will be evaluated by The Coaches Review’s personnel. Please do not flag a rating just because you disagree with it.


Legal Matters

The Coaches Review will occasionally receive removal demands that include threats to sue The Coaches Review. No one has followed through such a lawsuit.


The law protects The Coaches Review from legal responsibility for the reviews submitted by our users. Specifically, the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (47 U.S.C. Sec. 230) created a federal immunity to any cause of action that would make service providers, like The Coaches Review, liable for information originating with a third-party user of the service.

The law is very clear with regards to this matter. Anyone who wishes to sue The Coaches Review for the reviews posted by our members risks penalties imposed by the court. These include, but are not limited to, financial sanctions and reimbursement of our attorney's fees for our having to defend against a lawsuit that ignores the clear legal protections for The Coaches Review.


These guidelines are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.


The Coaches Review Reservation of Rights 

The Site reserves the right to remove any comments deemed as inappropriate, libelous, defamatory, indecent, vulgar or obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit or sexually suggestive, racially, culturally, or ethnically offensive, harmful, harassing, intimidating, threatening, hateful, objectionable, discriminatory, or abusive, or which may or may not appear to impersonate anyone else or that otherwise violate the Terms of Use Agreement.

The Site reserves the right to remove, provide to authorities or otherwise take appropriate action regarding comments that threaten violence or bodily harm to another user or coach including, but not limited to, notifying the authorities of your IP address, where available, and the date and time you rated and taking any action as described in the Terms of Use Agreement 


The Insiders Guide to Collegiate Recruiting

The user understands that Chris Clayton Sports LLC and it's employees cannot be held liable to any information posted to the website or discussed with clients in any way. This Site aims to provide helpful information to athletes and their families, however everything posted on this site and the information discussed with the clients is advise and opinion and should be treated as such.

The Coaches Review

The user is responsible for any content that they post. The user grants Chris Clayton Sports LLC. rights to use any such content. We reserve the right to review any content you post and, if it is determined that the user violated the site guidelines, we may also take actions such as refusing to allow you to post, revoking your right to use the Site and using other means to enforce the Site Guidelines



The user understands that the Site and Chris Clayton Sports LLC disclaim any and all warranties regarding this site and cannot be held liable for any loss or damage of any kind relating to the site or this agreement. 


You agree to indemnify the Site and Chris Clayton Sports LLC as described from claims relating to your breach or violation of this Terms of Use Agreement, your use of the Site or the public posts you make


The email used to write a review is in no way connected to the review itself (besides IP address for legal reason mentioned above).

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